get the look: the finger wave (video)

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A popular 1920s favorite, the finger wave is a traveling classic that has been worn by Hollywood starlets of past and present alike. Perfect for upgrading any twenties inspired outfit, this glossy DIY do is easily achieved with few handy clips and hair spray. Check out how YouTube vlogger, MakingFacesNatasha accomplishes an easy-to-do version of this ultra glam look in her Loose Finger Wave Tutorial.

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You’ll need: lots of hair clips and clamps, hair spray, a bobby pin or two

Step 1:  Start with a head of fresh barrel curls.  They don’t need to be perfect.
Step 2: Gently comb out the curls and create a deep side part.
Step 3:  With your side part in place, comb the larger side of the part downward on a slant and push the hair up slightly.
Step 4: With the comb still in your hair, clamp the raised part of the hair.
Step 5: Comb the rest of the hair in a circular motion, forming your first big wave.  Use your hand to help form the wave.
Step 6: Like you did the first time, push your hair up slightly with the comb.
Step 7: Clamp the raised portion of the hair.
Step 8: Add a hair clip to the wave that’s formed to help keep it in place.
Step 9: Continue combing your hair around your head, raising your hair slightly in the back and clamping.
Step 10: Once you get to your right side of your head (or left, depending on which direction you went in), comb your hair into an s-shape to form the second big wave.  Clamp and clip as you did before.
Step 11: Comb your hair around your head, as if you were wrapping it and repeat on the other side.
Step 12: You can either leave the back of your hair down, put it in a pony tail or pin curl it.  Natasha chose to pin curl her hair, securing it with a bobby pin.
Step 13: Spray LOTS of hair spray to set the style. Then wait for about ten minutes.
Step 14: VERY carefully remove the clamps from your hair, opening the jaws of the clamps wide so you don’t snag the hair.
Step 15: Touch up and shape any loose hairs with hair spray and your fingers.  Then carefully remove the clips.
Step 16: Voila!
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