hairspiration: the top ten hair looks from an african city

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Last month we discovered a new web series called An African City, which follows five successful young women on Sex and the City-like adventures albeit in Accra, Ghana. We quickly fell in love with the side of Ghana depicted, the stories, the clothes and of course the hair. With its season finale released on Youtube on April 27th, we had a chance to look back at all the episodes and choose our favorite looks.

1. Zainab’s copper ‘fro: We love Zainab’s fro, mainly for it’s copper color. Usually she keeps it pulled back but in a couple of episodes we see it in all it’s glory.


2. Ngozi’s Side Sweep: Ngozi is the more “prude” one of the group but in the shows fourth episode we see her get a little edgy with her look, wearing bold eyeshadow and side swept twists.


3. Makena’s French Roll: A neat French roll seems to be one of Makena’s go-to looks, which may be a result of her (currently on hold) career as a lawyer or the fact that she speaks French!


4. Makena’s Double French Braids: Still keeping things Français, Makena let her hair down just a little with this sweet half up/half down double french braid look.


5. Sade’s Flapper BobSade immediately establishes herself as the more sexually liberated one of the group in the first episode and then throughout the season. So a course a hairstyle that once symbolized “loose women” is her most fitting cut. We loved her twenties bob complete with above-the-brow bangs.


6. Ngozi’s Faux Hawk: Hair must be where Ngozi lets herself go wild just a little bit. Here she had fun with her hair pulled up into rockstar-approved faux hawk.


7. Nana’s Faux Hawk: Ngozi isn’t the only one to have fun with this punk-ish look. Nana too channels her inner rockstar with tiny braids on the sides of her hair and natural locks left loose up top.


8. Zainab’s Straw Hat and Afro Bang: Maybe we’ve got summer on the brain, but Zainab’s hat look, be it simple, is definitely one of our absolute favs. We still get to see her coppered curls, while the hat adds a touch of cool-kid to the look.


9. Nana’s Afro Puff: Another simple look was Nana’s afro puff. With her hair pulled neatly away from her face, an extra headband adds a bit of shape to the style.


10.  Nana’s Ribboned Goddess Braid: Finally, our favorite look of all was one that caught our eye early on. Nana’s ribboned goddess braids are elegant but made funky with the addition of a green and white print.


Now that you know our favorites, tell us yours in the comments below! And if you haven’t seen all the episodes of An African City, catch up on YouTube.

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