#Hairties – A Reminder Why You Should Love Your Hair

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Throughout the #Hairties video series we’ve heard different women send their message to this generation and the next. Here we’ve pulled all those messages together to make one final message for you to watch and listen to anytime you’re not feeling so great about your hair.

About #Hairties

#Hairties is a message from this generation to the next because now more than ever we’re in a position to define what’s beautiful and shape how the next generation feels about their hair. In this context, a #hairtie is anyone, be it a friend, sister, stylist or blogger, that has influenced the way you do or view your hair.

In a seven-part video series, proudly presented in partnership with Smooth ‘N Shine#Hairties shares the stories of six women across three generations, the individuals that influenced their hairstyles over the years, and the message they want to pass down to the next generation. But the message is bigger than only their stories, so we’re also asking women everywhere to add their voice.

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