About #Hairties

#Hairties is a message from this generation to the next because now more than ever we’re in a position to define what’s beautiful and shape how the next generation feels about their hair. In this context, a #hairtie is anyone, be it a friend, sister, stylist or blogger, that has influenced the way you do or view your hair.

In a seven-part video series, #Hairties shares the stories of six women across three generations, the individuals that influenced their hairstyles over the years, and the message they want to pass down to the next generation. But the message is bigger than only their stories, so we’re also asking women everywhere to add their voice.

All Hair is Beautiful Hair

Smooth ‘N Shine knows that our hair is an extension of our personalities and in turn a reflection of our personal histories. We partnered with them on #Hairties because, like us, their mission is to help women of all hair types define their own beauty standard, and provide women with the perfect product for their perfect hair. #LoveItEverydayEveryWay

Define Your Shine

As your hair story unfolds, find the perfect product for your hair type and needs. Visit the Smooth ‘N Shine site to get a custom product recommendation. Simply select your hair type, hair issue and desired style.

Win a Goodie Bag

A winner each week

Each week throughout May we’re giving away a goodie bag filled with Smooth ‘N Shine styling products. For a chance to win, fill out this form or post a throwback picture of yourself on Instagram with your message to the next generation, the year the photo was taken, and these hashtags: #WeAreHairtied, #LoveItEverydayEveryWay. Be sure to tag @SmoothnshineUSA and @hairunruledSweeps ends 5/28/17.  For more great giveaways, like/follow Smooth ‘N Shine on Facebook and Instagram.

Add Your Message

Our generation of women—as a result of changes in technology and mass communication–play a bigger role in creating beauty standards, so we’re in the perfect position to shape how the next generation views their hair. We’d like to add as many voices as possible to #Hairties. Add your message for a chance to be featured in our digital gallery, our pop-exhibit and the final video.

Visit the Exhibit in NYC

This June the #Hairties pop-up exhibit in New York City will take visitors on a collective trip down memory lane, through a curated selection of photos collected through the project. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified about the event.