Hannah Bronfman Goes Platinum With Braids

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You may know her on Instagram as the fitness-obsessed DJ and all-around poster girl for healthy living, but we’ve been secret stans of Hannah Bronfman’s amazing sense of style for a while. So when she reached out to us about trying out our mobile hairstyling service Yeluchi by Un-ruly, we were super-excited about helping her explore new looks! For her first two appointments, she went with cornrows to beat the heat and humidity. For her third go around, Hannah wanted to try something a little more daring before her trip to Greece–platinum blonde box braids–so we obliged! Check out some of the highlights below.

Hannah’s Hair Journey

  • Hannah had used keratin treatments on her hair for years but has been now been chemical-free for about 5 and ½ years.
  • Only in the last two years has she really embraced her natural curls and now sees big hair as a form of self expression and self-love.

Care Tips

  • According to Yeluchi stylist Roxy Wignall, even when wearing a protective style, your hair underneath comes first. This means making sure to oil your scalp and continuing with your regular hair routine.
  • The goal is to not forgot that you have hair underneath your protective style, so oiling in between each braid is recommended to keep your hair healthy.

P.S. If you love this look, you’ll love it more against a Grecian backdrop. Check out a few snaps from Hannah’s trip (click to enlarge). Catch more of her on HBFit.com, Follow HBFit and Hannah on Insta!

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