How Can I Prevent Thinning Hair on a Six Month Old?

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Celebrity hair stylist Angela Stevens, most recently seen on weTV’s hit show LA Hair, joins us to answer your crucial hair concerns. Remember, if you have questions for our experts you can submit them on our submissions page.



My husband and I became foster parents to a 3-week-old baby boy back in September. He came with a full head of hair and I’ve made it a priority to take care of his beautiful curls. I have Cara B natural shampoo, conditioner, and daily spray conditioner. Despite my best efforts, the hair on the back of his head is always knotted and frizzy. It’s starting to break off leaving very thin hair. What can I do to help prevent this and better moisturize his hair? Being 6 months, he still spends a lot of time sleeping on his back, etc.


Congrats on your new addition, Im sure he brings you lots of joy! This is a common problem among newborns, so don’t stress out. Because he is spending lots of time on his back the friction and dryness from the cotton is drying his hair out causing it to knot. I’d recommend braiding his hair in plats at night to prevent the tangling. Just take large sections or do cornrows. Also the cotton is drying the hair so you could put a silk or satin pillowcase underneath his head in the crib. The products that you’re using sound good maybe include an essential oil in there as well that will also combat the dryness.

Angela Christine, is a Los Angeles based Celebrity hairstylist, educator, and reality personality featured on WeTV’s LA hair. Her specialities are mainly in extensions and healthy hair maintenance. Hailing from Chicago, Angela bas built her career on maintaing celeb looks the healthy way. She’s here offering her expert advice on haircare, so you too can feel like a celebrity. Check out her YouTube channel for more hair care tips and styles to try at Or visit her website:

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