how to: retain length on natural hair

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Growing longer hair is something most women want.  Luckily, hair vlogger SimplYounique has shared her tips for growing long healthy hair.  Check out the video or skip to the summary below the video.

  1. Apply water regularly. Mist your hair with water (daily if you want) and add oil to lock in moisture; SimplYounique loves olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and avocado oil.
  2. Use a wide tooth come to detangle. Try detangling when your hair is wet, starting from ends, working up to the roots.
  3. Limit heat!
  4. Use protective styles like buns or weaves. A protective style is a style that requires little manipulation, protects the ends of the hair by keeping them tucked away and allows regular moisturizing.
  5. Deep condition your hair (base the frequency on your needs).
  6. Trim only when needed. Look at your hair, ends and assess whether or not it needs to be trimmed.
  7. Experiment with products and find products that really works for you and your specific needs!
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