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We’re still keeping our hair neatly tucked a way this week. But I’ve found a very easy way to snazz up my look: I’ve thrown a hat atop my pone.


With no time to braid or twist or stretch, my hair has shrunk and frizzed leaving me with few quick styling options. With a tightly wrapped scarf at night, I’ve been able to keep my ‘fro flat enough to put it in a pony tail, or rather a small puff. When it’s time to get up and out, I simply place one of my favorite hats over the puff and make sure it fits snuggly on my head. I’m loving this big-brimmed black hat look because it brings out the hipster in me and it’s still very much a “face-forward” look.

Check out some more hat inspiration below.


Channel summer with a straw hat.


Or get sport with a baseball cap. Wearing it backwards provides extra hair coverage for those really bad hair days.


Or wear it frontwards if your feeling extra badass.

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