Ask an Expert: How to Soften Hard Dry Hair

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Our expert this month is Anu Prestonia – owner of Khamit Kinks Natural Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY. The salon has a roster of loyal clients and high-profile devotees including celebrity clients Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey, Terry mcMillian, Angela Bassett, Lenny Kravtitz and Queen Latifah.  Not to mention, Khamit Kinks’ styles have graced the front page of the New York Times and the covers of Essence magazine and many industry publications.


Hi Anu! Help!! I’ve finally decided to grow out my relaxer.  The biggest problem I face on this journey is the fact that my natural hair texture (new growth) is extremely tough, coarse and hard to comb.  Are there any specific products or styling/care techniques you recommend to help soften the texture of my hair?


Hi!  This is an issue that many women face when growing out their perm.  Their new growth tends to be hard and dry and I believe it’s due to the chemical residue from the perm that has seeped down into the follicles.  As time passes and you are no longer adding caustic chemicals to your head, your incoming new growth will become softer and more like your true texture.  In the mean time, I recommend deep conditioning treatments as well as leave in conditioners.  While you may need to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis, do not over condition your hair by leaving the deep conditioner in for more than 30 minutes.  Also while your hair is wet soften it a little more using natural hair oils like Anu Essentials Hair Oils and apply the oil to both your hair and scalp and gently massage the oil into the scalp to help speed up the softening of your hair.  The botanicals in the oils will also seep into the follicle and help to dilute the chemicals that are still lingering there.  Anything that you put on your hair, scalp or body will seep into your pores and become a part of your overall chemistry.  That is why it’s best to use natural products on your hair and body.  All the best!

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