Jumbo Box Braids – Try These Ideas

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Jumbo box braids have remained a trendy and popular hairstyle for years now, and what’s not to love? This look offers the versatility of box braids, but takes way less time to install! Sometimes referred to as “Felicia braids” (you know the movie!) or “dookie braids” (maybe not the best way to sell a style?), jumbo box braids can be a show-stopping time-saving style!

How to Do Jumbo Box Braids Yourself

YouTuber Tea Renee has a beginner-friendly tutorial on how you can get flat, knotless jumbos, starting off with blow dried hair for a sleeker cleaner look.

Jumbo Inspo

Jumbo box braids are a relatively simple style, but there are a variety ways to put this look together. We’ve curated a plethora of photos to show how you can style your braids, depending on length, design, and color. Save your favorite look and show your stylist at your next salon visit or try doing them yourself!

Long and Straight

The OG jumbo box braids! Depending on how much braiding hair you use and how many braids you install, these might be on the heavier side, which could result in tension. To offset this, you can try parting your hair in larger boxes, so you essentially have more of an anchor for each braid.

Short Jumbo Box Braids

Shorter braids are great if you’re looking for less tension and a less time-consuming option. We recommend this style if you’re looking for ultra jumbo braids, but don’t want to deal with the weight of longer braids.

Jumbo Passion/Goddess Braids

This style is definitely for the trendsetters and innovators. Use passion twist or marley braiding hair instead of straight kanekalon to add a bit of curl and drama to your jumbo braids!

Jumbo Box Braids with Color

Add some color to your hair to stand out or to have a better blend with your natural tresses if you’ve recently dyed it!

Curled Jumbos

Artist Coi Leray is not only making waves in the music industry, but in the hair community as well! Her famous jumbo box braids with curled ends are now even referred to as “Coi Leray braids.” You can use curly braiding hair or wrap the ends of your braids with perm rods and dip them in hot water to set the curl (you have more control over how the curls will look this way).

Selecting the look you want depends on how long you want to keep the style in (the more “jumbo” the braid, the quicker it will get a bit frizzy), and how much hair you use (the more hair, the more time consuming). Check out our Complete Guide to Box Braid Sizes to determine potential pricing, time it would take to braid, and how much hair you would need. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of these styles!

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