kerry washington takes on SNL (video)

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NBC’s long-running sketch comedy show  Saturday Night Live (SNL), known for its lack of diversity and reluctance to feature Black, Hispanic or Asian cast members or hosts,  tackled the issue head on in a hilarious opening skit this past weekend featuring a SCANDAL’s Kerry Washington!  Over the years there have only been nine (9) African-American hosts, including Richard Pryor, Gabourey Sidibe, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, Oprah, Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx and Cicely Tyson, who was the first ever Black female to host the iconic sketch comedy show.

Needless to say, our girl Kerry (who’s pregnant with her first child) showed dynamic range as an actress – a comedic one at that –  and proves that her command of various regional accents is actually pretty amazing!  Check out a couple of our favorite skits below!

opening skit

The show’s opening skit features Kerry Washington as First Lady Michelle Obama and minutes later, as Oprah Winfrey – poking fun at the show’s non-existent Black female cast members!  Super smart and funny way to address the critics…


how’s he doing?

In this skit, Kenan Thompson hosts a talk show that brings guests on to discuss how President Barack Obama is doing, and what would it take for Obama to lose their support. Hilarious!

my girl! (digital short)

This was super funny in a weird sorta way! We especially loved Kerry’s dance moves…

wakamole skit

This skit was probably one of our faves because of the amazing Bronx accent Kerry pulled off effortlessly!  She totally sounds like Joy Behar!  If you can, Google the video!


Brava Kerry!  What a year…

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  1. I’ve been trying to watch the Kerry videos since the SNL news came out 🙁 unfortunately it’s not available where I am at the moment. Probably have to wait till I get back to london!
    Mo ~

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