Why We Launched Yeluchi, an At-Home Hairstyling Service

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This summer my sister, Abigail, and I launched Yeluchi by Un-ruly, an at-home hairstyling service that’s currently servicing the New York metropolitan area. The service basically allows you to get your hair styled by a licensed stylist in the comfort of your own home, instead of a salon.

One of the main reasons why we launched the service was because I needed it myself. One day, before going on vacation, I found myself wanting braids, but I just couldn’t imagine sitting down at a salon for at least four hours. I had way too much work to do. So I forfeited the braids and threw on a wig, which meant swimming wouldn’t be an option in the beautiful blue waters of Southern Italy. After this experience, and also, having heard similar hair stories from women through Un-ruly, I knew that there were other women out there like me–women whose beauty routines come last, or at least, fall behind work, family or other priorities. So my sister and I did some research, put together a business plan and launched Yeluchi for those women–women who want to be a bit less constrained by their hair routines. (Find out what Yeluchi means here).


But in pulling the trigger on this new extension of Un-ruly, I realized it also was a step toward achieving one of my larger goals, which is putting money in the pockets of Black people. We’re all too familiar with how big the Black hair industry is, and how little of it is black-owned. In putting together the business plan for Yeluchi, I quickly realized it could be a means of us having a bigger piece of the Black hair pie. Not having a salon means that we’re not limited to working with a fixed amount of stylists, meaning we can help more stylists that specialize in our texture get work. I, like many Black beauty entrepreneurs, want more of us to be able to benefit from the billion dollar market we’ve created.

I want more of us to be able to benefit from the billion dollar market we've created. Click To Tweet

We’ve launched Yeluchi in beta because we know that when you take a idea from paper to real life, there are always things you can’t foresee, so we knew it would take a bit of time to perfect our product.  So far, we’re proud of the progress we’re making and are discovering other types of women that find at-home hairstyling useful (for example, a woman with severe hair loss that’s not comfortable going to the salon). We’re excited to be of service to women like her and anyone else that finds Yeluchi useful.

So if you’re in the New York metropolitan area and might be struggling to fit a salon visit into your schedule, book an appointment with one of our stylists, or give us a call to learn more.

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An entrepreneur at heart, I founded Unruly in 2013 after spending six great years in advertising. I’m über lazy when it comes to doing my hair so I’m always looking for easy and quick ways to care and style my hair.

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