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by IeShia McDonald

We all have those lazy days. The days when makeup seems like an exhausting chore and our jeans don’t seem like the right fit. So we break up with our denim and date our yoga pants for the day, with only a little lip gloss to hold onto some femininity. On my lazy days, I tend to leave the house feeling like Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” muse (“sweatpants, hair tie, chillin’ with no makeup on”). But given the wary looks of other students walking by, one would think that I was a fashion tragedy. Is there really no appreciation for simplicity? If we were to wear a face full of makeup, with impeccably coordinated outfits everyday, we’d not only be exhausted, but we would never know or appreciate the real beauty that each and every one of us possesses. Now, I’m not putting down looking nice everyday (kudos to those who are capable of doing so). I just have an issue with this high standard of beauty for women because it often collides with our want and need to be comfortable and simple.

There’s so much primping and plucking and moisturizing that goes into our appearance, sometimes you want to forego it all for something much easier. Well, I took a look at some of my favorite starlets for ways to be comfortable yet chic without much effort.


Rock an over-sized tee with printed leggings and sneakers. Leave it to Rihanna to embellish the look a little with a chunky gold necklace, watch, and round black shades. Add a fitted-cap if your hair isn’t feeling up to par.


Get sporty with your favorite team’s t-shirt, a light jacket and skinny jeans. Tie your hair in a loose pony, don some soft makeup and your good to go. If you’re up for glaming up this look in a subtle way, throw on a pair of comfortable pumps, like Chanel Iman.


Want to skip glam altogether? Take a note from singer Kelly Rowland and go all the way sporty, telling the world you love the gym (It’s okay if you don’t). Pair yoga capris with an off-the-shoulder shirt and comfortable sports bra or tank underneath. Kelly has fun with loud colors with this look and pulls her hair back into a half pony tail.


For a sporty but not so “I’ve just been to the gym” look, we look to Solange for inspiration who paired a cropped sweatshirt and matching cotton shorts with flashy silver tennis shoes. Solange accessorizes with a Chanel satchel and shades to match. She topped this look off with one of her shoulder-legnth curly wigs.


For those occasions where sporty won’t cut it, go simple but chic with a solid loose-fitting t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and matching pumps. Wearing simple eye shadow with a bold lip, like Zoe Kravitz here, will take this look from casual look to chic in two seconds. Sleek your hair back into a bun or pony tail and leave out a little bang if you can. Or if you can’t and you want to, throw in a clip-in bang!

So ladies, rock your leggings, sweat pants or yoga pants with pride. Tie that hair up or braid it out. Comfort and chic are not mutually exclusive! We can look good with little effort. Like Beyoncé has us all saying, “I woke up like ‘dis.”

What is your lazy day, ideal ensemble? Post pictures or comment below.

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