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Want to learn how to braid? Well you’re in luck! Although the universe gave us ‘rona and changed the way we get our hair done; one bright spot to emerge in the midst of the craziness are the amazing online workshops, webinars, online styling sessions and classes that have popped up. Thank God for the internet! One thing about the Black hair community is our resilience and ability to adapt to changes. Check out some of these classes we’re loving.

A Safe Space For Black Girls Who Never Learned How To Braid

Hosted by Detroit-based salon owner Niani Barracks, Niani’s stroke of genius to host these classes couldn’t have come at a better time. She uses a subscription model and spots fill up fast because her prices are super accessible. The beginner class is $10 per month, Intermediate classes are $19 Monthly and the Advanced class is once per month and a $50 one time fee.

What’s cool about it:

  • Packages for her beginner and intermediate classes include:
  • Weekly live classes
  • Weekly Live Q&As
  • Access to pre-recorded video library
  • She also offers virtual style sessions and hair advice from guest pros

If you’re looking for that one stop shop for everything you need to know about box braids, the website has a class listed for $150 taking you through every step of the process. Your access to the course will never expire.

How To Register: Register on A Safe Space for Black Girls

Magic Fingers Studio

Finally! It’s here! Online braiding classes taught by Master braider Stasha M. Harris. You know, the one you always see in those buzzy, fast-paced videos on the ‘gram. Well, she adapted her sought-after IRL braiding workshops to an online experience and has been selling out ever since.

What’s cool about it:

  • Access to a stitch braid tutorial for $39.98
  • Learn tips to build a business.

Magic Fingers currently offers one online class teaching Stasha Harris’ signature stitch braid, however, she does teach in-person classes. Her in-person classes teach knotless braids, how to apply products and essential business concepts.

Register: MagicFingersStudio.com

Zamora Natural Hair

Zamora Natural Hair is more than just a braiding course, it teaches you technical and creative aspects of the trade. Only looking for a braiding class? That’s great, Zamora gives you online and in-person class options!

What’s cool about it? Zamora Natural Hair teaches:

  • Individual braids with and without extensions
  • Yarn braids
  • Crotchet
  • Twist outs
  • Flat twists
  • Faux locs/goddess locs/silky locs
  • Passion twists/Senegalese/twist extensions
  • Feed in cornrows

The diverse course selection Zamora provides helps anyone who wants to master more than braids. The company’s mission is to empower people to become successful entrepreneurs in the beauty industry regardless of income and background. They offer free training to anyone with low-income under 27 years old. The teen entrepreneur program is $500 and an express pass to learn various styling methods including box braids is $299. If you only have an hour to spare, they have a $99 private online class available to learn box braids, locs, flat twists, etc.

Register: Zamora Natural Hair

Master Goddess Locs with Dr. Kari Williams

Celebrity Stylist & Trichologist and creator of the Goddess locs. Dr. Kari Williams is most known for creating the goddess loc style for Megan Good. She’s also styled Ava DuVernay, Kellis, Willow Smith and Tyra Banks to name a few. She is one of the many trusted stylists in the industry and she has a robust stylist educational program!

What’s cool about it:

  • Williams drops some gems about consultation, ergonomics etc
  • Payment plans are available
  • When you complete the program you can get client referrals from Dr. Kari

Dr. Kari Williams classes for the knotless braid technique are currently unavailable, but she does have a course available for the godless locs method. For three months, you would learn her method coupled with client maintenance, hair safety removal and natural hair styling among other techniques.

Register: Dr. Kari Williams, Master of Goddess Locs

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