locs, wigs and twists: three ways to fake an undercut (video)

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We know you’ve had your eye on the rebellious yet feminine look that is the undercut, but you’re likely not ready to fully commit to shaving off even a little bit of your hair.  Well, as usual, there’s a way to fake the look.  Whether your sporting locs, natural hair or wigging it up, you too can channel your inner wild child with a faux undercut.

You’ll see in the videos below the key to faking it is to emulate a shaved side with either braids, flat twists, or spirals.  Enjoy.

natural hair: add a few flat twists in your twist out

locs: spiral up a few locs

wig: braid it up

bonus: straight hair

Although your texture might be slightly different from Bobby’s in the video shown below, the same principles she uses can still be applied to your hair if you have it straightened.

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