long hair looks: a blowout & pompadour (video)

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– by Un’ruly Contributor Ellen Haile

Blowouts are less damaging than flat ironing or chemically straightening and results in a similar end style (along with retaining more volume), which is why blow outs are great for transitioning naturals or naturals looking to switch things up.

A pompadour on its own is a graceful stand-out style, but pairing it with a blowout creates an even more striking look. With a unique look like the one shown above, you’ll undoubtedly turn heads!

YouTuber ItsMyRayeRaye shows us how to imitate the renowned pompadour hairstyle made famous by artist Janelle Monae.

Un’ruly tip: To get a style similar to the one above, simply part your hair horizontally at the crown of your head after blowing your hair out then follow ItsMyRayeRaye’s tutorial.

Photo by HJI
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