long hair looks: a marley twisted up-do

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– by Un’ruly Contributor Ellen Haile

Marley twists are a great protective style, especially for transitioning hair. Styling the twists in a massive bun is a great way to get them out of the way, when needed, and is also the perfect spring/summer festival look. These particular twists were photographed at last year’s AfroPunk Festival by Simply Cyn. (See more of AfroPunk 2013.)

To achieve the loose topknot bun shown, simply gather all of the twists to the top of your head and secure with a hair tie, making a ponytail. Twist your hair around and secure with bobby pins, or tuck the twists into the original hair tie.

Un’ruly tips:

  • Style twists with hair cuffs. It’ll add more character to your style, as well as create a more effortless and chic look.
  • Wash the Marley hair before installing; doing so reduces itchiness and ensures moisture.

YouTube vlogger NiftyKeisha shows us how to install, wash, and maintain Marley twists in this whimsical video.

Photo by Simply Cyn
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