long hair looks: a messy half-bun + next day curls (video)

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In the spirit of reaching our potential, we’re looking at hair growth potential this week and highlighting some of our favorite long hair looks. Given short hair can be just as feminine and versatile as long hair (see Lupita’s TWA), it’s fun to take a look at a different type of diversity and femininity. First up: a messy half-bun.

– by Un’ruly Contributor Ellen Haile

Feeling a little 90’s? Bring out your inner Hilary Banks with a messy curly half-bun. Simply pinning half of your hair (whether weaved or natural) to one side of your head makes for a vintage stylish look.

Un’ruly tips:

  • If you are wearing your natural curls out, be sure to moisturize regularly to avoid damage and breakage.
  • Pair this style with dark lipstick for a more dramatic effect.

Vlogger ShamelessMaya helps us maintain and tame natural, “next day” curls.

Photo by Eeebony
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