It’s time to put yourself first.

When was the last time you did something for you? 
When was the last time your to-do list didn’t feel bottomless or like you were struggling to keep up? 
When was the last time you didn’t feel like you weren’t doing enough for your family or like you weren’t stuck in a cycle of “I didn’t do great today, but I’ll do better tomorrow”? 
When was the last time you felt supported?

If the last time is a blur, you’re not alone.

We’d like to treat you and 100 moms like you to a day of pampering, connection and nourishment.

Join us in NYC on June 24, 2023 from 11am – 5pm at Mom Cuts Live, an experience that brings together beauty, motherhood and wellness.

It’s time to take a day.

Imagine taking just one day to…

  • meet and connect with other moms
  • enjoy complimentary beauty services, like a 15-minute massage or hairstyling
  • indulge in delicious brunch bites
  • discover how meal prepping can actually be a reality and time-saver for you
  • have a deep conversation about overwhelm and how it can be managed
  • dispel ideas that bring on productivity shame
  • learn ways to truly share the parenting workload

It’s time to feel supported.

We’re bringing together a dream team of experts to help make you feel supported and more equipped to manage motherhood from mealtime to structuring your day and the emotional load of it all.

Comedy with Host, Angelina Spicer


Angelina Spicer is a multi-hyphenate powerhouse! A stand-up comic, writer, producer, actress, mother, PTA vice president and accidental activist. She became an outspoken advocate for maternal mental health after her diagnosis and hospitalization of postpartum depression (PPD). Spicer uses her raw engaging comedy to prove that Postpartum Depression is normal and can be funny!

Restoring Peace with Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart


Having appeared on news outlets like the Today Show and quoted in publications like the New York Times, HuffPost and Parents Magazine, Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart is the owner of A New Day Pediatric Psychology. She’s a pediatric psychologist, parent coach, mom of a 10 and 13 year old, and has over 17 years of experience in her field. She focuses on helping parents adjust their mindset about parenting and helps overwhelmed parents get on the same page and better understand their kids and teens.

Mastering Meal Prep with Chefleen


Chefleen is a Chopped Champion and New York Times featured celebrity chef with an “innate ability to create flavor where none existed before.” This mother and Le Cordon Bleu graduate is dedicated to helping people feel at home in the kitchen by either cooking for them or teaching them how to cook. Her eBook, Mastering Meal Prep is a systematic approach to cooking for the whole family.

Kicking Productivity Shamewith Chasity Holcomb

Chasity Holcomb is a licensed professional counselor, trauma therapist, coach, business owner, mama of two and fellow achiever and productivity seeker! After becoming a mom she was struck by how slow she had to move and frustrated with how little she could actually get done. Her fire to work harder eventually led to burn out, which forced her to rest. She used her training as a therapist to identify the real problem, manage her emotions, and build an intentional life through boundaries with time. As a result, she’s used what she learned to help over 200 new moms escape survival mode.

It’s time to feel calm.

You’re always learning, always adapting but now it’s time to feel calm.
It’s time to feel in control.
It’s time to feel supported.
It’s time to feel like you again.

Book your ticket now to take a day for you.
Tickets $25. Only 100 tickets available.

Anything for Parents, too

Mom Cuts started out as a video series where moms put their feet up and got their hair styled while divulging the hacks that make being a mom easier. In 2023 we’re turning Mom Cuts into an event, thanks to the help and support of Gerber.

We created Mom Cuts, the series, to treat a few moms to a little self-care with the hope that thousands (maybe even millions 😉) of moms watching their stories, might find themselves quietly or loudly nodding their heads in agreement, saying “yes, girl” or “that’s so me.” 

We know that there’s power in seeing yourself in someone else’s story and not feeling alone, so by turning Mom Cuts into an event, we get to treat even more moms to “me”time and in-person connection. This event and series is our labor of love to Black moms and it wouldn’t have been made possible without the support of Gerber, whose mission to do ‘anything for baby’ means doing anything for parents, too.