Ask an Expert: My Daughters Have Dry Breaking Hair, Should I Relax It?

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Sammy LaCombe is a licensed hairstylist that has been working in the industry for 7+ years. She has always had an eye for beautiful hair and its care. So we’re excited to apply her expertise to your crucial hair concerns. Remember, if you have questions for our experts you can submit them on our submissions page.



I have three daughters with extremely different hair types but are all having the same problem: extremely dry hair and breakage! I’ve been given conflicting hair tips and just don’t know what to do. Should their hair be relaxed? Do I use grease? How often am I supposed to wash it? And are pony tails the problem!?! We don’t have a stylist around here that knows black hair so I have to rely on myself to do everything! Please help!!

– Candice


Hi Candice,

Relaxed hair is an investment and life/hair style choice that requires a little bit more care and maintenance because it is processed hair. I would wait until the girls get older so they can decide on their own. In the meantime, most curly textured hair does get really dry. Dryness can make hair brittle and less pliable. Water is the key! Try The Liquid Oil Cream Method or LOC method. It is a technique for moisturizing hair. It consist of hydrating the hair with water, which is your liquid, sealing in the moisture with oil (I like coconut oil) and then applying a cream product (I just use conditioner) to close the hair cuticle, which prevents moisture loss. (You can learn more about the LOC method here). Lastly, find a great stylist! Ask around or use Yelp to find someone you can trust!



Sammy is experienced with all hair types and textures, but specializes in natural curly hair, precision cuts, and weaves/extensions. A master of her craft, she is constantly working on her own innovative techniques and always pushing the boundaries of hair. She regularly styles hair for fashion shows and photo/video shoots and enjoys doing styles for weddings and other special occasions. Wearable glam that you can play up or play down is her approach to hair designs. Embracing, yet enhancing your natural beauty is her ultimate goal.

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