Go-To Natural Hairstyles for Work

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Most of us know that natural hair, like meals, need to be planned if you don’t want to be frazzled during the week. Unless you’re wearing a protective style, chances are you can’t just get up and go. So it’s great to have a few go-to natural hairstyles for work in your arsenal so at least your hair isn’t the reason why your manic on Mondays.

Twist-outs and Braid-out

Twist outs and braid outs are a good three-day hairstyle. Wash your hair and put in six or more braids or twists. Let it set over night and take it out the next morning. The result will be stretched out waves, that, if you take care of them (and if it’s not too humid), can last a good three days or more.

While braid outs and twist outs are very similar, they are different in many ways. Braid outs take longer to complete and they work best on 4b and 4c hair types rather than 4a. This type of hairstyle does get a lot of frizz if not dried all the way, and it also stretches your hair out more than twist outs do. Braid outs give you more of a crinkle, whereas twist outs give you more of a wave.

What’s great about twist outs and braid outs (and even bantu knot outs) is that once you’ve got a good one done, it’s a blank canvas that can be styled in a few different ways. You can start with the basic twist out on day one, add a side part on day two, go half-up-half-down on day three, and if you’ve been able to make your twist or braid out stretch (and if you work in an informal workplace), you can throw on a scarf by day four.

Braided Bun

Buns are a workplace staple, especially if you work in a formal environment. But a braided bun makes the style a little more interesting. You can opt for a low bun made out of long feed-in cornrows. What’s great about this style is once you’re done with work, you can wear the braids down. Or you can go for a high cornrowed bun with a big-and-little-braid combo, which can turn into a high pony tail when you feel like channeling Sasha Fierce. (BTW, both of these looks are offered at our at-home hairstyling service in NYC). Whether your wearing your braided bun up or down, the best part of this style is you don’t have to think about it during the week. Once it’s set, you can forget it (until you have to wash it).


The ponytail is another workplace staple, keeping your hair out of sight and out of mind. It can be kept sleek and simple or you can have a little fun with it. You can make two French braids into a ponytail, or add  some kinky straight hair for a statement pone. If you’ve got a length, add a few hair accessories to your ponytail or puff it up into a high afro puff.

Blow Out

For those who have worn weary of the typical braid and twist out routine, a blow out maybe just the fix you need. If you’re wary of heat, opt for lower settings (375 degrees and under). (Also, check out our tips for safely blowing out natural hair). Be sure to use heat protection and style no more than once a week. If you play your cards right, and don’t wash your hair 😅, a blow out can last a good two weeks.

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