Ambition x Wellness

Join us as we immerse ourselves in how we can fuel our ambition with our well-being. Take part in a 360-experience featuring powerful conversations, wellness workshops, the chance to connect with other vibrant women, and a bit of pampering. You don’t want to miss this!


November 16, 2019
11:00 AM-5:00 PM
873 Broadway 4th Flr 
NY, NY 10003




What Your Ticket Gets You

  • Panel discussion on balancing success with self-care
  • Wellness exercises on self-criticism and acceptance
  • Wellness exercises on releasing trapped or toxic energy
  • Chair yoga
  • Brunch bites and bubbly 🥂
  • Free massages and braid bar*
  • “Ask a Therapist” consultations*
  • Free consultations with a financial coach*
  • A chance to mingle with women on the move


*Sessions are 15 minutes each. First come, first serve.

Are you truly successful if you’re constantly stressed?

As Black women, our ambition is unparalleled. We’re the heads of our households; the most educated demographic in the US; we’re growing in numbers as entrepreneurs, but we’re also very stressed and suffer from anxiety and depression.

We’d like to address the problem right at its core. Our ambition doesn’t have to come at the expense of our health and peace of mind. Our well-being can actually fuel our success.

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Crowned Conversations: Self-Care + Success

Find inspiration through a panel of experts and change agents who at critical moments of their careers had to switch gears and make room for self-care. They’ll share their highs, lows and all the gems in between.

*Click photos for bios*



Learn Holistic Lifestyle Hacks

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Aishah Tatum will takes us through a series of mindset techniques to help eliminate fear and manage stress using holistic self-care practices. She’ll help us face our shadow selves–the part of who we are that we keep hidden but need to embrace in order to manifest the life we desire; and she’ll also help us flush out womb toxicity–the emotional and toxic energy that tends to get stored in our wombs and limits our potential.



Find Your Crowned Crew

It takes a village to nurture your self-growth, which is why we designed The Neon Crown Experience with little touches that help you easily interact and connect with the other amazing women in attendence. We want guest to come out of the event with an accountability partner that’ll help you to lean in and level-up.


And More…

Get pampered and primed for the next big chapter in your life.

  • Brunch Bites and Bubbly
  • Free Massages & Braid Bar*
  • “Ask the Therapist,” a free consultation with a licensed therapist*
  • Free Consultations with a Financial Coach*
  • Chair Yoga (Yes, it’s a thing)

*Sessions are 15 minutes. First come, first serve.

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