give your shine a boost with an oil rinse (video)

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We recently came across the concept of oil rinsing on Black Girl Long Hair:

What it is: Oil rinsing involves applying an excess amount of a liquid/liquefied oil or butter to hair, allowing to sit for a short time (5-20 minutes) with or without heat and then proceeding to rinse it off with water. You can optionally follow up with a conditioner to remove even more oil but you can equally just proceed to blot hair dry and style.

Why do it: 

    • Stop hair feeling crispy and dry after a henna or protein treatment especially if a moisturising conditioner did not help.
    • Refresh hair (increase moisture and softness) without shampooing or co-washing it.
    • The extra oil is great for adding slip to help detangle hair and reduce friction between the strands.
    • If your hair has natural curl definition, oil rinsing can help reduce frizz.
    • As oil is involved, hair shine will increase.

Learn more about oil rinsing on Black Girl Long Hair. And check out the great tutorial below by AuCurls Naturelle.

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