What Happened When I Oil Rinsed My 4a/3c Hair

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– by Samantha Halle, Guest Contributor

Sometime ago, I was looking to find a solution for adding more moisture and shine to my hair. My combination 4a/3c hair loves moisture and truly will let me know if I am not satisfying her needs. I saw vlogger Naptual85 doing an oil rising challenge and her results were amazing. So, I decided to give it a try myself.  (Learn the basics of oil rinsing here).

What I Did

I used ​a h​air oil blend t​hat I made myself: sunflower oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, and coconut oil, and I warmed the blend in the microwave. Warming the oils helps ​t​hem​ penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. I applied t​he mixture ​to my hair after having​ p​arted it i​nto four sections. I used a comb to detangle; some may choose to only use their fingers. However, my hair is too dense for only my digits. Next, I twisted up each section after applying the oil blend, and pulled a shower cap over my hair. The cap is used to trap a small amount of heat around your hair. I only kept it on for about five minutes; the process isn’t ​supposed to be long.

Many people use oil rinsing as a replacement for a “pre-poo.” However, it’s not recommended for those who suffer from conditions like Hygral Fatigue (swelling and contracting of the hair cuticle that can lead to weaker strands. Details on that here.) Oil rinsing can be good for added moisture after a protein treatment or even after conditioning during your weekly wash routine. It’s good for refreshing in between styles and detangling; it’s also good for reducing frizz and shine. However, be careful, as it can cause build-up, especially on looser curls, and it can cause excess shine. It can also trigger irritation for those who have eczema, dandruff or any other scalp irritation.

The Result


Before oil rising I struggled to find products that would give me shine and moisture. I could always get one but not the other. After working this into my weekly hair regimen for a month I noticed a huge change in the manageability of my hair, as well as added moisture and shine. I continue to oil rinse but not as intensely as I did for my trial run. When I do my weekly deep-conditioning I apply a generous amount of coconut oil on top of the deep conditioner, leaving it on for about 30 minutes. After rinsing, my hair shows me so much love, being more manageable, shiny and, of course, moisturized.

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