on the scene paris: nike x pigalle exhibit

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– by Antonia

I’m not a sneaker head but I somehow keep finding myself at sneaker events (which, by the way, always have their fair share of man candy; just an FYI to the single gals out there). A couple of weeks ago I attended the NIKE x PIGALLE exhibition, which presented a new capsule collection made by Nike in collaboration with French fashion brand Pigalle. The line is dedicated to the universe of basketball. For those wanting to brush up on their French and learn more about the collection, you can read about it here.


The exhibit was actually pretty neat. It was less about shoes and more about sport. There was a room full of “basketball players” standing still staring at a basket. They would change their positions every now and then. There were also rusted basket ball nets and other basketball related sculptures.


Best of all, however, I had the opportunity to meet some pretty Parisian ladies.


Nuria Costa and her light brown ‘fro.


YouTube vlogger Shera Kerienski with her HUGE mane of curls. Check her out on Instagram.


And the lovely Naya and her side swept box braids.

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