Pick One of These 6 Hairstyles to Rock Before Winter Ends

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Honestly, when it comes to Black hair, almost all styles can be worn at any time of the year but some styles just feel more appropriate for certain seasons. Box braids and cornrows, for example, tends to feel more summery (especially if your summer includes swimming), although the style can be worn year round. When it comes to winter, I’ve been thinking in terms of styles that look warm and can give you a bit of coverage.

1. Curly Crochet Hair with Bangs

I recently proclaimed this curly crochet hairstyle the winter style of 2019 because of its volume and the fact that it’s a full protective hairstyle, having no leave out.

2. Bob Wig

On a similar note, wigs are a practical option for winter because they do quite literally provide a removable layer of warmth in addition to giving you an instant hairstyle. Last winter I rocked a blue blob, but I’m loving this ice-cold bleach blond bob with bangs.

3. Medium Length Jumbo Twists

As mentioned box braids and twists are pretty perennial, but this particular look seems like a good fit for winter because of it’s volume and texture. The twists look like they were done with Marley hair.

4. Full ‘Fro or Puff

For those of you who want a break from any added hair this winter, going full ‘fro or rocking a puff is always an option. Just watch out for days when snow or rain is in the forecast. Humidity can still get you during the winter.

5. Braided Natural Hairstyle

I don’t really know what to call this look, but isn’t it fly? This is another no-added-hair option (if you have that kind of thickness naturally). Styles like this are great because they don’t run the risk of changing with the humidity levels 😅.


6. Hats and Turbans

Of course no winter hairstyle round up would be complete without hats and turbans. Rocking a hat or turban in the winter can be both practical and stylish. They provide warmth, protect your hair from the elements and add can make your outfit more dynamic.

Which look do you love the most? Tell me in the comments!

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