These Pop Smoke Braids Will Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

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Photo: Kersti Pitre

The late rapper Pop Smoke was on his way to revolutionizing the New York drill music scene, but that’s not the only impact he had in popular culture. His choice of hairstyle has remained an inspiration and hot request for both men and women all over the globe. Pop Smoke braids (sometimes referred to as “jumbo tribal braids”) are typically eight cornrows that frame the sides of the face with a middle part (four braids per side), worn either with extensions or without. If you’re looking for a quick and low maintenance option, or if you just want to experiment with a unique style, these braids are the perfect option for you!

DIY Pop Smoke Braids

Self-taught braider Kersti Pitre shows how you can braid your hair into this style with four essentials: a sectioning comb, a wide toothed detangling comb, hair gel, and hair moisturizer. Braiding hair is optional depending on whether you want long or short braids, with Kersti noting that the most important part of this style is making sure to create straight, crisp parting lines.

There are various ways Pop Smoke braids can be styled, from the braiding pattern, to accessories, to the length. Take a look at the gallery of photos we’ve compiled for you below!

Braiding Pattern

Since Pop Smoke braids are usually chunky (which means less braids), now is really the time to show off the braiding pattern. “Stitching” your hair, or braiding in a train-track method is a great way to create clear cut parting that creates a more elaborate look to this simple style. You or your stylist can also create more elaborate patterns while still keeping the middle-part look.

Layered Pop Smoke Braids

Instead of braiding your hair in one complete part, you can break up the sections to create a layering effect. If you’re looking to add more braids to this style, or if you’re looking to create a more voluminous look, layering is a great option. Depending on how many braids you want (and what size), simply part your hair similarly to how you would if you were getting jumbo box braids, and braid that section into a cornrow.

Braid Length & Size

Long Pop Smoke Braids

Using hair extensions on your Pop Smoke braids can be great if you’re going for a more dramatic look! This can result in your braids looking a bit chunkier, but if you’d prefer a thinner style, simply part your hair into more sections and add more cornrows to frame your face.

Short Pop Smoke Braids

If you want to avoid excessive tension, short braids without added hair might be the move for you. This style can also work for kids, men, or anyone who would just prefer to use their natural hair. If you want a bit of hangtime, you can add some braiding hair to the ends of your braids.

Pop Smoke Braids on Men

A Pop Color

Whether you’re going for short or long braids, stitching or regular cornrows, adding some color to any style is a great way to make your style pop… pun intended!

Braid Accessories & Design

A Hybrid Effect

Get creative with your braids and use passion twist hair to create a play on the Pop Smoke braids. You can also curl the ends and give a Pop-Smoke-Coi-Leray look.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Stick to the original Pop Smoke braids, and play up the style by including beads, clasps, and other accessories to the ends of your hair.

We would love to hear what style you’re planning to try this summer! Leave us a comment down below or tag us on Instagram (@hairunruled) with your favorite look!

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