Labor Braids: Black Mammas are Going into Labor in Style

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Have you heard of labor braids? What about labor twists, locs or cornrows?

Maybe you’re a little late to the game but labor braids have most definitely been a hot topic. Black women like us are giving serious thought to how we want to slay our hair, not just during pregnancy (remember those jaw-dropping pregnancy photoshoots?), but also when we’re ready to pop. You might think it’s a minor thing, but our hair always holds major importance in our lives, and labor is no exception.

Let’s get into the science

During pregnancy, our bodies go through some big changes, and it’s all down to those pesky hormones! And it’s not just our bodies, our hair doesn’t escape the chaos either. So many women talk about how their hair texture, curl pattern and general condition totally switches up during pregnancy. Some end up with hair that’s drier than the Sahara, while others battle with oiliness they’ve never experienced before. It’s like a hair roller coaster, sis!

Dealing with all these hair changes can be a real struggle, especially when you know it might go back to its usual self after giving birth. That’s where protective styles come to the rescue. Opting for a bomb protective hairstyle can take the stress out of managing your hair, giving you one less thing to worry about during this crazy journey. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

So why labor braids?

During labor choosing a great protective style is also good for practical reasons. Labor is intensive, can last for hours and you’ll be sticky, sweaty and exhausted. Natural or straightened hair may become frizzy or dry due to the build up of sweat and moisture. Hair bands, clips or any other accessories may become uncomfortable and slip out during the labor process. Although wigs do look great they may prove tricky during labor, even if it’s been installed really well. 

And finally…

Braids (twists and locs too) look bomb! Those first pics with your newborn baby are memories you’ll treasure forever and if your hair is looking stylish in a stunning protective style, you’ll love the pics even more. 

The inspiration for your labor braids

We’ve rounded up all the inspo for you pregnant mamas to plan your style for labor day. 

Labor cornrows

Cornrows for labor day! This is a great way of still rocking your natural hair but keeping it tucked away and protected during labor. 

Labor box braids

Box braids are always a classic protective style. With proper maintenance, the style can last for up to eight weeks and will keep your hair tucked away during labor. Opting for a shorter length also means you won’t need to worry about long hair getting in the way when you’re breastfeeding. 

Labor butterfly locs

How about butterfly locs for labor? A different protective style if you want to take a break from box braids. 

Labor twists

Twists anyone? Twisting your natural hair is another good option if you’re still wanting to rock your natural hair. Or opt for twists with added hair like some of these mammas. 

If you need guidance for maintaining these protective styles, read through our protective style guide which has all the info you need. Post-pregnancy our hair may also go through other changes, including postpartum hair loss. In this post, Black women share how they deal with postpartum hair loss.

Finally, you can also check out our fabulous new partnership with baby food experts, Gerber. The partnership focuses on improving Black maternal health and includes a range of resources, info and video content for mammas and mammas-to-be

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