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Award-Winning Storytelling

Meet The Sisters Bootstrapping A Mobile, At-Home Service For Black Hair
…women of color no longer have to be subjected to the pain of a stylist who doesn’t understand their hair’s needs
I Got My Hair Done At Home Like A Celebrity And I’m Never Going To The Braiding Salon Again
A mobile salon of talented stylists that specialize in box braids, weaves and crotchets, and cornrows.
I’m thankful for Yeluchi, a new at-home service that brings professional hairstyling to the privacy—and comfort—of your own home. 
 Yeluchi speaks to a real need for an affordable service that caters to a large demographic in a growing industry.
This at-home hair service for women of color is changing the game in NYC

Igniting Poignant Conversations

A new documentary video series is examining one aspect of this by exploring how Black women in various countries view beauty. 
Antonia Opiah and her sister Abigail wanted to start a conversation about hair, but they ended up inspiring a protest. 
You Can Touch My Hair Documentary Digs Deep Into African-American Roots
‘You Can Touch My Hair’ Explores Fascination With Black Hair, Sparks Debate
 New ‘You Can Touch My Hair’ documentary captures outdoor spectacle of natural hair touching
5 Real Women on What “Pretty” Looks Like in Israel
Avid protective style wearer Antonia Opiah explores the dangers that can come with these beloved dos

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