Product Review: Curlbox

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Why read review after review when you can just read one? We’ve “combed” the web to get the verdict on CurlBox.

– Written by Perri Lembo, Contributor

It’s only been about two or three years since their introduction, but beauty subscription boxes are already changing the way women (and men) buy beauty goodies by allowing consumers to sample a surprise box of products every month. CurlBox is one of such boxes, but is specifically focused on hair care products for curly/natural-textured hair. The benefit to subscribing to a box like CurlBox is being able to try out a variety of products without making the financial commitment of purchasing a full-sized item that may or may not be suited to your needs. You get to discover new and unique products that you may have otherwise not known about.

What the manufacturer says

  • CurlBOX is an affordable, exclusive, and effortless way to explore new hair products. You can discover hand-selected curly hair products delivered to your doorstep every month.
  • Every month subscribers receive 5-7 quality hair product samples for $20 per month. Cancel anytime.
  • Subscribers can look forward to extraordinary products from established brands as well as some really great up and coming brands.

Main takeaway

CurlBox, and boxes like it, are great way to try new products for only $20 a month. It’s especially good for beginners but not a good value if you are a seasoned natural.

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CurlBox is a good value when comparing the cost of a box to the price of individual products. It would cost more to purchase all products separately.
  • It’s good for natural hair beginners, since subscribers have an opportunity to try out a variety of products and discover what works best for their hair. This is useful in the beginning when naturals often feel lost and confused about what to try.
  • The products come with instructions and a booklet.
  • The box comes with coupons for the products that it includes.
  • Curlbox has attractive packaging.

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  • Curlbox mostly contains products with artificial and/or harmful ingredients.
  • There are many repeat products, meaning some boxes contain products that were included in a previous month’s box.
  • Many subscribers who reviewed CurlBox complained about bad customer service, saying the owner is arrogant.
  • Curlbox contains “common drugstore products.” It does not include a lot of new brands or hard-to-find items.

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What subscribers say

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For the newly naturals, I think this is a must. You have no idea what will work for you and this way you can get samples and some full size items to test.

– Ninia

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Seven products in total with a value of $37.13!  That’s quite a deal considering I paid $20 with shipping included.

My Stuffed Mailbox

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Not everything in the box is wonderful but I have certainly found more hits than misses and think for $20 a month this box is a great bargain.

– Melissa

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Where to get it

You can sign up for CurlBox at, but heads up, there’s a waiting list!

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