Product Review: Curlformers

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Why read review after review when you can just read one? We’ve “combed” the web to get the verdict on Curlformers.

Founded in 2008, Hairflair’s Curlformers promise to give you salon-quality curled hair without any heat. Curlformers were invented to create the perfect curl for all hair types, including wigs, weaves, 1A-4C hair, relaxed, text-laxed, you name it. These curlers come in three lengths, three widths and there are two colors for each size–pink curlers rotates clockwise, while the orange ones rotate counter-clockwise. If you’re looking for a way to get the perfect curl, we’ve dug deep to determine if Curlformers is a tool you should have in your arsenal.

The Verdict

Curlformers seem to be the Holy Grail for naturalistas. Almost all of Curlformer users say that they’re super easy to use, and their curls always come out perfectly. Users love  that this product doesn’t need any heat. It’s really convenient and great for any hair type (1A-4C). Some consumers prefer to use them while their hair is wet, while others would rather use them while their hair is dry. These curlers smooth out your hair, without ever damaging your locks. However, Curlformers are really expensive ($50-$75 for most complete kits), but the results from their usage is salon quality. There is a Curlformers knock-off called Magic Leverage (available on Amazon) that actually produced really good results when Naptural85 tried them out. See more on this below.

Some users have experienced a little drama with the styling hook; and some have said their hair has gotten tangled with a Curlformer and its hook at the root of a section of their hair.  But all things considered, Curlformers are expensive, but they really will leave you with gorgeous curls.

Pros & Cons

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  • Comes in a variety of styles: Barrel, Spiral, and Corkscrew Curlformers
  • Won’t cause heat damage (heat-free)
  • Creates smooth, silky, glossy, curls
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting curls

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  • Expensive
  • Not widely available at retail locations
  • A few people have experienced tangling

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What the Manufacturer Says

Perfect for all ages and all hair types, wigs and weaves. Best of all, Curlformers will never cause heat damage—we guarantee it. Packed in a easy-to-carry holdall, take Curlformers anywhere to create amazing curls-on-the-go.

Here’s a Quick Guide Culformers How-to:

Magic Leverage vs. Curlformers

Some of you may already know, but there’s a cheaper version of Curlformers on the market called Magic Leverage. They’re almost half the price on Amazon. Fabulous Youtuber Naptural85 did a great review on the two.

Here’s her run down of pros & cons of Magic Leverage.

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  • They’re cheaper
  • They work! Naptural85 was pleasantly surprised when she took out the curlers and found that the Magic Leverage curls were smoother and tighter than the Curlformer curls.

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  • The packaging’s not great; the plastic case doesn’t seem like something that will last
  • Doesn’t include an instruction manual like Curlformers does
  • The Magic Levrage curlers use a harder plastic making them less comfortable to sleep in
  • The Magic Leverage plastic hook seemed a bit flimsy, but turned out to not be a big deal

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What 3A-3C Users Say

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They weren’t whistling dixie when they said these get the hair soooo smooth like a curling iron! I was also soooo impressed that even though I had to leave the first inch of my hair out, my roots still looked smooth and silky (until I worked out ;))!!! Though the curls looks similar to my perm rod sets, I think my hair is a lot smoother and more stretched. …Oh, and if your goal is to grow your hair long, I’d suggest getting the longest ones you can afford so that you don’t outgrow a shorter set and have to spend more money for longer kit.

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They are very uncomfortable to sleep in! I just couldn’t find a good position to lay in and tried to be careful all night to not squash the curls. …My back did hurt after spending an hour and a half installing the Curlformers but they’re very easy to install once you get the hang of it. …this tool gives you the freedom to change your curl pattern with no damage whatsoever!

UK Curly Girl

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They weren’t whistling dixie when they said these get the hair soooo smooth like a curling iron!

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I have naturally curly heat damaged hair that sadly doesn’t hold a curl anymore no matter how much gel and curl activator I use. I put the Curlformers in with damp hair and Lottabody setting foam and slept with them overnight (not super comfy but doable) and my curls came out shiny, bouncy and beautiful. I could never get these results with a curling iron no matter how hard I tried. I’m on day 3 and my curls have fallen into my preferred, relax wavy style but I’m so pleased! Telling all my friends about it!

– Bianka Campos

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These curlers are really Amazing! At first the application process was a little tricky, but once I figured them out after the 3rd curler, it was easy peasy from there. You just have to squeeze the top of the former a little bit as you are sliding the hook down to give it some room. I push the former up as I am pulling down the hook so that it will go on smoother and it worked. I have 3c curly hair and these curlers really made it look like I had a press in my hair.


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What 4A-4C Users Say

With my very long and thick hair, I was hoping that it would cut down drying time. I was also hoping for a styling process that was quicker than Flexi Rods. It usually takes my hair some 8 hours or more to air dry and 2 hours to style. …When hair is sectioned thoroughly, detangled, and twisted before using the Curlformer Styling Hook, hair glided through effortlessly. But if not, you may have a fight on your hands. …I wish I could say they slipped off easily. Just like the install, you have to master the Curlformer removal technique. …I love smooth and defined curls like the ones I get with Flexi Rods. However, I didn’t get this either. I don’t know if that is a testament to the application process or the fact that we have tightly coiled hair.

Tamara Floyd

My hair is shiny, bouncy, and it absolutely looks like a blow dried, flat irons, then spiraled on hot curlers – it is that straight and the curls that defined.

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I absolutely loved the curls I got after removing these curlers from my hair. They were light and bouncy and shiny — simply perfect! It is important to wait until your hair is completely dry before removing; otherwise, you run the risk of frizzy hair. Experimenting a little, I found that for great spirals, use the smallest sections of hair possible. This means you’ll need a large number of Curlformers.

– Del Sandeen

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Okay, I am a 4A/B all natural. …All I can say is BELIEVE THE HYPE! These things really do work, even on kinky curly 4 natural hair. My hair is shiny, bouncy, and it absolutely looks like a blow dried, flat irons, then spiraled on hot curlers – it is that straight and the curls that defined. However, absolutely no heat touched my hair. Yes, these are expensive. But honestly, to get this style in a salon you would pay at least this amount of money. Now, I can do this style whenever I please. An added bonus is that I no longer have to use any heat to do a length check — these smooth out my hair so much and get it so straight that I can do a length check by simply pulling out the spiral. I no longer have any reason for heat to touch my hair.

– D.A.J.

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