product review: eden bodyworks’ control edge glaze

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Why read review after review when you can just read one? We’ve “combed” the web to get the verdict on Eden BodyWorks’ Control Edge Glaze.

Sleek and slick with a killer shine, EDEN BodyWorks’ Control Edge Glaze tames the kinkiest of edges and pesky fly-aways for a smooth, fuss free look!

the verdict

If you’re looking to create sleek pulled-back looks, this product is worth purchasing. With some users calling it the best edge layer around, it definitely delivers on it’s claim without the flaking or crunchiness you might experience with other gels.

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  • Alcohol free
  • Provides a firm hold with a light shine
  • Little to no build up
  • A little bit of product goes a long way

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  • Hold loosens after 2-3 hours pending on hair type
  • An ill fit for braid out and twist out styling

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what the manufacturer says

Provides a firm, manageable hold along the hairline and/or hair shaft to preserved desired styles. This lightweight formula will not create build up.


what bloggers say

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My slicked back hair looks just lovely when I use EDEN BodyWorks COCONUT Shea Control Edge Glaze, without feeling sticky, hard or crunchy. There is no unsightly flaking after the fact and, I love that I can skip days when using this glaze/gel. I just wet my hair a bit and start over again. I have also used it daily with the same great results, no nasty build up.

Blinging Beauty

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I’ve heard of this product being the best edge layer, but now I’ve experienced it, it certainly is that for me. It did not make my hair feel weak and brittle like other edge layers and gels. I’m not even the kind of person who prefers to lay edges down for a hair style, but it makes the process so easy.


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The Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze is the answers to my prayers and everything I wanted. If you’re looking to slick down your edges softly and with tons of sleekness, this product is for you.

The Mane Objective

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what the vloggers say

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what commenters say

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The Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze surpassed my expectation! I definitely will be purchasing another jar or two.

Myeshia W.

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You will never use hair gel again! This stuff has a perfect consistency. I’ve completely gotten off the ECO Styler Oliver Oil gel train in favor of this product. It slicks down the edges of my very kinky-coily 4a/4b hair. I can even use it when I’m making up-do(s), flat twists and ponytail puffs. It does leave a lot of shine so I do recommend working the product in with a soft bristle brush or toothbrush. It holds all day and I can refresh it with water so that I am not causing (product) build up on my hair.

– KandiGrl3000

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Hair: 4b. This is a great edge control product. It will lay down your edges with a soft but strong hold. However, the strong hold lifts after a short while and gives you a light hold. I would prefer it lay down a little flatter longer but maybe it’s not possible for my hair. With that being said, I will continue to use unless I find something better. A little goes a long way and the product does not build up or get greasy.

– ATLCharm

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where to get it

Available at select retailers like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Kroger and online on Amazon.


Water (Aqua), Ceteareth-20, PEG-7 Glycerl Cocoate, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, PEG-50 Shea Butter, Propanediol, Coco Nucifera (Coconut)Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Milk, Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid

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