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— by Un’ruly Contributor, Perri Lembo

Indique’s wavy texture under its Pure line, is a low-maintenance versatile weave.  “Out-of-the-box” it has a light wavy texture that’s perfect for creating summery or romantic looks.  It’s also very easy to straighten or curl, leaving the possibilities of hair styles endless.

Here’s what Indique customers across the web had to say about it.

main takeaway

By far most people who used Pure Wavy loved its silkiness and versatility. This hair requires only one pass of a hot iron to become silky smooth, while still being able to maintain a curl for days on end.  Many who used the product noticed the lack of tangle and extremely low shedding.

The only downside seems to be the price–one 16” package of Machinewefted Pure Wavy costs over $200–but with proper care, many women have said that this hair can last up to a year!


what the manufacturer says

  • Wavy hair has a signature fall pattern that creates effortless movement and outstanding body.
  • The hair can be worn one length or in layers.
  • The hair holds curls beautifully and flat irons smooth and straight.

what vloggers say

what commenters say

…I recently took my weave out, washed and deep conditioned the pure wavy and had it re-installed last week …and this hair looks just like it did when I first put it in. I am VERY happy with this product and surprised that it is lasting this long. The women is the shop are very nice they help you pick out the right hair for the look your trying to achieve. This hair is worth every penny.

Carrie B.

I did have to break my wallet a little bit (about $400 for 8oz of Pure Curly hair in 16″ and 20″) BUT I am so happy with it so far. I’ve had it in for about a day, almost no shedding (I’m running my hands through it as I type and only 2 strands came out, and when I washed it last night before installing, only a stand from each length, no lie!). No tangles, no frizz and it super soft AND light. I can’t wait to straighten it. “

Jessica M.

Pure wavy, 3rd install, minimal shedding, NO Tangling! Washes well…. Only one caveat, the hair will pick up and retain the natural oils from your hair… So if you happen to go two weeks without washing, you’ll notice you will have oilly hair, not overly oilly, but a difference… However once you wash, boom back to normal, with the same amount of bounce, the best hair.

Kira W.

where to buy it

Indique Website or purchased at one of Indique’s many boutiques.

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