product review: royal imex, hollywood virgin remy

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Why read review after review when you can just read one? We’ve “combed” the web to get the verdict on Royal Imex’s Hollywood Virgin Remy.

 – by Un-ruly Contributor, Perri Lembo

Royal Imex’s Hollywood Virgin Remy gives you a straight, thick and bouncy look in several different colors and seems to get better with every wash. But one of the biggest upsides to this particular line of hair is it holds curls really well. So those looking to shake things up with big billowy curls can easily do so with a little heat.

main takeaway

Most people who’ve rocked these extensions seem to have a favorable experience and feel that it’s worth the money, especially if you get it on sale or for a 2-for-1 special, although some vloggers, will only buy Hollywood Virgin Remy with the discount. Most reviewers agree that this weave gets better with every wash and is easy to blend with one’s own hair, although you will find some shedding. Overall, it’s a practical weave that gets the job done.

product description

  • Healthy virgin hair
  • Same direction cuticles
  • Even length strands
  • Reuseable
  • “Tangle free”

Texture and Styling: Hollywood Virgin Remy is straight and silky, but everyone agrees that it’s ideal for curling. It curls relatively quickly and holds extremely long-lasting curls—even without hairspray. However, one reviewer said that it doesn’t hold a ponytail very well.

Length: This hair comes in a wide range of lengths from 10” to 18”. Many vloggers say that this weave is true to its promised length, and even seems a bit longer than the package claims.

Thickness and Shedding: The hair is fairly thick, but some reviewers said that it shed a bit, especially as the weeks went on. Others said that the shedding was minimal compared to other weaves and is actually comparible to the shedding of natural hair.

pros & cons

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  • Holds curls well.
  • Shiny and has a soft silky texture.
  • Minimal shedding.
  • Has movement and the hairs don’t stick together.
  • Blends well with one’s own natural or relaxed hair.

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  • May tangle a bit, especially if a bonnet is not worn at night.
  • The hair isn’t shed-proof; there is some shedding
  • It’s on the expensive side; the price may not be worth it unless you can get it at a discount. The normal price is $80-100 per pack.

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what the vloggers say

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what the commenters say

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“This hair sheds a lot even after sealing with Fray Check, but is very soft. I was very surprised as to how much the hair was shedding. I wouldn’t buy this hair again.”

– Kemi

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“Have this hair and I love it. Has been washed twice and goes back to the way it began FRESH out the pack… It does shed but just as much as your normal hair would. Doesn’t tangle much either but I wrap it at night “

A. Harvey

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“It tangled because your supposed to use weightless shampoos preferably motions, it leaves it clean with no build ups and let it air dry”

Nika Mac

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where to buy

You can find Hollywood at Beauty Supply Stores or online on

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  1. Yes,virgin remy hair is really best hair to get.
    cc hair extensions also have from length 10 inch to 30 inch for choice.

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