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Why read review after review when you can just read one? We’ve “combed” the web to get the verdict on Onyxbox.

The Onyxbox, a monthly beauty subscription box by We Are Onyx, was officially launched in January 2013 and comes to you with five deluxe-sized luxury beauty products. You get to sample makeup, nail polishes, life style products, candles, and much more! Onyxbox offers you a fabulous chance to try out a variety of products, but is it worth the hype?

main takeaway

Unlike most beauty boxes that offer mystery products each month, Onyxbox lets you choose one of the five products that come packaged in its multicolored box. Being just over a year old, Onyxbox seems to already have plenty of fans and most reviewers give the box a green light. The main complaint voiced by several who tried the box is that they didn’t get to try a particular product that other subscribers received. Nevertheless, many reviewers seem to be very pleased with Onyxbox and consider themselves “OnyxGirls”! With the design of the box being enough to win over some reviewers, most seem to agree that Onyxbox is an affordable way to try lavish beauty products.

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  • Features a variety of luxury beauty products for all Black hair types (relaxed, curly, wavy, etc.)
  • Excellent for people who are looking to discover new products
  • Has a charming package design
  • Offers deals and coupons for a few of the products offered in the box
  • Website offers tips, techniques, tricks and tutorials for hair, makeup, skin, diet and more
  • Made for women of color!

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  • The products you receive each month may repeat
  • Not sold internationally
  • Higher in price compared to other subscription boxes

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what the manufacturer says

Finally, chic urban professionals and fashion forward teens have found their True Beauty BFF – the ONYXBOX. Now you’re on the cutting edge of beauty innovation, and you’ll be the first to get your hands on the hottest products created just for you! Discover your new fave products by watching our exclusive video tutorials and get the best in black beauty tips & tricks from our Beauty Experts and OnyxGirls. We curate the best products from around the world for our OnyxGirls, and we know you’ll love them as much as we do!

what bloggers say

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Let me start off by saying that I was highly impressed when I opened the April ’14 Onyx Box! It was nice to see that all of the cosmetics in this box complimented each other enough to be used in a look together and are right in trend with this seasons looks. This month’s box is valued at over $110 so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth!

Samantha Vega

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The world of beauty boxes only continues to grow… but I can say that the Onyxbox from We Are Onyx is definitely a winner… Black women are often left out in the beauty world and these ladies wanted to create an experience for us to explore different hair and beauty products that cater to our needs… I enjoyed every product in my Onyxbox and was excited to see some of my current favs being featured.

– Jess

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I dig the upscale approach they’re taking to the subscription box concept. The whole concept behind We Are Onyx is beauty + tech, and the experience doesn’t end for you when you open the box and try the products. My Onyxbox was a specially curated sample to show me the range of their offerings. It included a variety of products for all aspects of beauty.


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what the vloggers say

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what the commenters say

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The products that they sent out look awesome! Plus, they chose to send out high quality items, not cheap stuff that you can readily get anywhere. It really shows that they are interested in providing the best products they can.


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It is a great box! Choose what you want to try which is the best part!

– Lauren

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I subscribed to we are onyx in april. I am in love with this subscription already. New subbie…

Gloria Taylor

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where to get it

Visit We Are Onyx for a Subscription ($25.00 + free shipping)

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