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Returning to your natural hair state for many people is an important milestone. Whether you’ve done away with your relaxer for political, superficial or health reasons, it’s usually a moment in life worth commemorating. Now you can wear your naturalista longevity or brevity on your chest with the new Natural Since t-shirt line.

The line was founded by former artist agent Krystal Ugo who, according to the Natural Since site, was “searching for a movement to identify with.” She was looking for a movement that “embodied her reasoning for living a healthy natural lifestyle while rocking an eclectic-funk-hippie-chic style. Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to launch the newly formed Natural Since brand.”


When speaking with Ugo, she explained that Natural Since offers a line of t-shirts now, but will expand to something much bigger. The t-shirts started with saluting a transition to natural hair and evolved to saluting different kinds of transitions, which center around a healthy lifestyle, i.e. a transition to raw food. In an email Ugo elaborated: “Natural Since is a movement aimed at redefining the familiarity of African American beauty as an extension of Western culture; redeveloping the standard and encouraging women to resist the urge to conform and become a true expression of their beauty in its most natural and pure state.”

Of course, we’re most excited about giving a nod to our natural hair state, so we picked up the “natural since slavery” t-shirt. Other hair related prints include, “natural since the 70s,” “natural since the 2000s,” and the Un’ruly staff favorites: “natural since last night” and “natural since after my ex.”  To get your own Natural Since tee, browse the online boutique.

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