Medium Width Box Braids




Medium Width Box Braids

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Box braids are a great protective hairstyle that gives you more flexibility when it comes to styling. Medium width box braids are shown here. We offer three different lengths, which you can select atย the second step of the booking screen.

  • $225Book Shoulder Length, Medium Width Box Braids (shown)
  • $275Book Mid-Back Length, Medium Width Box Braids
  • $320Book Hip Length, Medium Width Box Braids

Heads up: We don’t like to have our stylists out too late, so we don’t offer thin braids as they’re time intensive.

Pro Tip: For a sleek finish and longer-lasting braids, we recommend stretching your hair out with a blow dryer before your stylist arrives. If you need help, you can add-on a pre-style blowout when booking.

Don’t forget to buy your hair!

Purchase all the hair you need for this style, already pre-bundled, with our very own line pre-stretched braiding hair.ย Click here to buy!

238 reviews for Medium Width Box Braids

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    Julielsa (verified owner)

    Thank you for being flexible- I enjoyed the experience and Toya was amazing!

  2. Avatar

    Bernice (verified owner)

    My stylist was absolutely amazing!! I love my braids. Pria was so nice and professional. I will definitely request her again.

  3. Avatar

    Michelle (verified owner)

    Roxy was wonderful and I definitely be booking with her again.

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    Elizabeth (verified owner)

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    Adrienne (verified owner)

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    Alicia (verified owner)

    Ja’Net did a fantastic job. The braids were even longer than I thought they would be given the length of hair that I had to use. But she got creative and added in order to achieve true waist-length braids. So, more than I was expecting! ๐Ÿ˜€ I get lots of compliments and the style is comfortable to wear. She did the most and very well!!

  7. Avatar

    Renika (verified owner)

    I LOVE TOYA. I will only book her. She was so friendly and super careful with my hair. She taught me about how to care for my scalp and how to maintain my hair on vacation. Lovely human AND my hair looks AMAZING! so happy.

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    Sybil (verified owner)

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    Aly (verified owner)

    Janice was great. It was my first in home styling appointment and I loved it.

  10. Avatar

    Aly (verified owner)

    Janice was great. It was my first in home styling appointment and I loved it.

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