Full Weave Install with Closure




Full Weave Install with Closure

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Perfect for when you want to play with texture or switch up your color, a full weave install with a silk or lace-based closure covers practically every stand of your own hair. Unlike a weave with leave-out, where some of your hair is used to hide the weave tracks, a closure (a circular piece of wefted hair extensions) is used to cover your hair and hide the tracks.  (We wrote everything you need to know about weaves here in case you want more details).  Note: Closures are not to be confused with frontals, which are long pieces of wefted hair that are typically used to cover your hairline.

Heads up: Many people like bleaching their closure knots for a more natural look. We currently don’t offer this service, but there are quite a few videos on YouTube that demonstrate the process.

Don’t forget to buy your hair!

Picking extensions that are exactly the length, texture, color and style you want can be subjective so we don’t provide the hair for our services, meaning you’ll have to purchase your own. Luckily, we’ve got some recommendations for you in case you need them. For a full weave, we recommend 2 packs of hair. For top quality human hair extensions in various textures and lengths, check out Mayvenn, Sunny’s Hair and Boho Exotic Studio.

19 reviews for Full Weave Install with Closure

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    Sandrine (verified owner)

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    Sharrie (verified owner)

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    Bianca (verified owner)

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    Leoney (verified owner)

    Latanya did a wonderful job and I would like her to do my hair next time. I love your service! Thank you!

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    Danielle (verified owner)

    Was on time and very attentive and focused. What a wonderful convenient service

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    Sola (verified owner)

    Latanya was FABULOUS. showed up on the dot, was sweet and bubbly and incredibly helpful with any questions I’d ask. She gave great product recommendations and gave 10/10 service.

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    Paige (verified owner)

    I love Latanya!!

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    Sara (verified owner)

    Yeluchi really is a life saver!! My stylist Bleu was amazing! I’m so happy to be able to depend on Yeluchi’s great pricing/ services from NYC to LA.

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    Ebony (verified owner)

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