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– by Antonia

Whether it’s in a high bun, a low bun, a loose or sleek pony tail, wearing your hair tied back and out of the way is an easy hair style staple. I’ve been wearing my hair in a low bun/puff because I haven’t felt like doing much styling lately. But I’ve started wondering what I can do to switch up my look without really changing my hair style. Hence this week, we’ll be looking at a few different ways  to dress up pulled back hair.

First up, button ups and blazers.

I was inspired by W Magazine’s February 2014 spread by Patrick Demarchilier. Check out the full spread here. Pulled back hair usually gives a very neat refined look, which can be emphasize with the clean sharp lines of a blazer or crisp blouse or shirt. The hairstyle already puts the focus on your face, given not one strand of hair is let loose, take this a bit further by playing with your neckline. Buttoning a shirt all the way to the top button brings even more attention to your face, as does a turtle neck, whether it’s loose or tight.

Note: Be sure to rock super well groomed eyebrows when donning this look.

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An entrepreneur at heart, I founded Unruly in 2013 after spending six great years in advertising. I’m über lazy when it comes to doing my hair so I’m always looking for easy and quick ways to care and style my hair.

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