Quiz: Is Your Hair Damaged?

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Created in Collaboration with ApHogee

Recently I blew out my hair for the first time in about a year. First of all, I was surprised at how long my hair was and I loved the way it looked as it started to revert. The blown out look made me want to channel my inner Solange; so I got another blow out! While the stylist was blowing out my hair (on high heat! yikes!), I started worrying about the damage I might be doing to my hair. Luckily, I had an “in” with the folks at ApHogee who specialize in stopping and treating damaged hair. (Seriously, these guys are experts when it comes to damaged hair; people rave about their products). With their help I was able to figure out whether or not my hair was damaged and what I can do about it. (Turns out it’s not, by the way, but I need to slow my roll :-). I figured some of you guys might have the same concern, so ApHogee and I collaborated on this quiz to help you determine if your hair is damaged or not.

Head’s up, this isn’t an end-all-be-all assessment. It doesn’t take into account environmental or dietary factors, but it will give you a bit of an indication of where there might be issues due to heat, chemicals or over manipulation. If you have hair health concerns, you should always consult a licensed professional.

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  1. Thank you for the quiz – it was spot on. Now, the healing process.

    And all the women in the pictures below on this page are absolutely stunningly beautiful!

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