recreate the look: the goddess braided bowl cut, would you wear it?

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So we’ve been bowlin’ it up all week. During our foray into the land of even halo-headed hair, I stumbled upon the above style on Pinterest. We’ve found ways to fake a bowl cut. But the above style offers a fake as well as an innovation to the look. It captures the essence of the cut by creating a hoola hoop around one’s head but it also gets creative with the execution. I’m sure there was a whole team of stylists and make up artists that made this style look wear-worthy, but I decided to try it and see if it’s really wearable in real life.

The look is fairly easy to recreate. It took less then 15 minutes.

here’s how i did it

Step 0: I’m wearing my Freetress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig. It’s been nicely brushed out so there are no knots, etc.
Step 1: I brushed a little more than 1/4 of it over my face.
Step 2: Then took three thin pieces, starting from behind my ear and began braiding.
Step 2.5: If you’ve ever done a French Braid, you’ll be inclined to braid at the root, but the key here is to begin braiding wherever you want the “hoop” to fall. I wanted the braid to land just above my eyes, so I began the braid at that length, then continued as if I was creating a normal French Braid. Here’s a French Braiding tutorial in case you need one. 
Step 3: I braided the hair all the way around my head. It gets disorienting when you get to the back, so take your time. (I didn’t take my time and you’ll see, it shows, lol.)  The nice thing about this look, is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s a messy carefree look. (This is how I rationalized the outcome of my braid ;).
Step 4: If you’re braiding long hair, you’ll end up with a long “tail.” Braid that all the way to the ends.
Step 5: To complete the “hoop,” I looped the tail under the beginning of the braid (like you would a thread through a needle) then just tucked it in toward back of my hair. You can fasten it with a bobby pin or two. My wig was kinky enough to not need a bobby pin ;). 
Step 6: Voila!

It doesn’t look exactly like the picture but it has it’s essence. I didn’t wear this out after I did it. Didn’t feel quite right. I’ll play with it a little. I think after a few tries, I’ll master the braid. What’s nice about this is it’s easy to do. I might try it on my ‘fro and see what that gives.

Anyhoo, let me know what you think! Would you rock this? Can you do it better? Try it and show us your version!

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