Four Looks That’ll Make You Want Red Box Braids/Twists

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Whether love is in the air or you’re just in the mood for something fiery, red hair is always a good way to heat things up, and with box braids your color choice doesn’t have to be permanent! Just like any other color, red box braids are nuanced–they come in many shades. So we’ve rounded up a few shades of red to tickle your fancy.

Fantasy Red

Rock this bright shade if you’re really looking to stand out and make a statement.

bright red thin box braids twists


Or should we just say burgundy? This deep romantic hue is a fun shade to match your lipstick with.

burgundy twists thick

Auburn Red

This hue leans a little closer to brown so it’s a bit more subtle.

red box braids high ponytails

Matte Red

Using a kinky texture like marley hair, will give it a dull look, making a bright color a little less ‘brilliant.’

red box braids marley
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