You Can Touch My Hair, A Short Film

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You Can Touch My Hair, a Short Film

A Glimpse into the Ongoing Fascination with Black Hair

(NEW YORK) October 2013 –, a digital resource and online community focused on hair styles, care and products for Black women, presents You Can Touch My Hair: a Short Film,” sponsored in part by Pantene Pro-V.

Whether it’s seven-year old Tiana Parker getting sent home from school for wearing locs or Dante De Blasio’s Afro being credited for giving his father a boost in the New York City mayoral race, Black hair is consistently subject to unsolicited fascination. As the final extension of a bold two-day public art exhibit held in New York City this summer, “You Can Touch My Hair, a Short Film” takes a glimpse into this fascination and how Black women, who are often its subjects, feel about it. The exhibit was an extension of the thought- provoking article “Can I Touch Your Hair?” written by Un’ruly Founder, Antonia Opiah for The Huffington Post. The exhibit featured women of color with various “Black” hair types, each holding a sign that read “you can touch my hair,” inviting onlookers to touch and engage in a larger dialogue. As a result, a heated debate ignited within the Black community.

The World’s #1 Hair Care Brand, Pantene, and its’ Truly Relaxed and Truly Natural Collections have partnered with Unruly on the release of “You Can Touch My hair, a short Film” to help celebrate the individuality of women’s hair. More importantly, Pantene recognized the importance of the conversation taking place and in a bold step, wanted to understand the needs of Black women beyond breakage and split ends and delve into the politics around Black hair in America. Pantene sees this as a step to really be a part of the community they are trying to reach and hopes that the partnership will continue to inspire women to be true to themselves.

Says Un’ruly Founder, Antonia Opiah “I think it’s great that a brand would want to insert themselves into a conversation like this, when so often brands avoid these types of conversations. Companies tend to focus on meeting the surface needs of their consumer and overlook the emotional context of those needs. So this puts Pantene in a whole new league by joining this conversation.”

A private screening to an audience of press and industry influencers took place on Wednesday, October 16th in New York City.You Can Touch My Hair, a Short Film premieres Sunday, October 20th at 9pm EST on

Born out of the aspiration of moving the Black community forward, Unruly was created to celebrate and cater to the full range of Black hair, which has proven itself a cultural centerpiece of the Black female community. In addition to being the ultimate online destination for Black hair, Unruly also features articles and essays that are relevant, informative, thought-provoking and stir conversation.

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ABOUT UN-RULY.COM is a digital resource and online community that celebrates and caters to the full range of Black hair. The site focuses on hair styles, care and products for Black women, delivered through a hybrid of curated and original content with an editorial voice. We don’t have a fancy algorithm that pulls in content from various sources. Instead we scour the web and hand-pick the most helpful articles, the most inspiring looks, the most effective products and bring them into one convenient destination.

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