runway hair: eight stand out hair styles

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NY Fashion week took place earlier this month and among all the clothes that made our hearts flutter, there were also a few show stopping hair styles that caught our eye. Check them out below.

1. Classic Starlet

The old Hollywood starlet look made an appearance at the Veronica Beard show with hair fully swept to the side, adorned with a small hair clip and classic red lips. The hair was a perfect match for this floor length silk gown.


2. Nerd Chic

Rodarte had us feeling like Poindexter’s quirky flashy sister. Loved, loved, loved the Grease Lightening glasses. The whole look caught our eye more so than the hair, which was demure and neat, a must given all the shimmer and fur of the coats.  According to, extensions were added to the models’ hair for length; their hair was then braided set and unraveled to create waves. Then a simple side part was made and the hair was twisted back and pinned with a butterfly barrette.


3. Helmet Head

Helmet heads were all over Alexander Wang’s runway where the models rocked a classic swooped ‘do that somehow didn’t have a definitive part–no scalp could be seen. Wigs perhaps? This look was paired with a completely nude makeup palate, eyebrows included.


4. A Betty Bang

Somehow this look reminds us of Betty Boop or a character of the same cloth. Anna Sui models rocked this slick style that gave a new take on a good ol’ bang. Tresses were swooped, centered and seemingly gelled bluntly onto the models’ foreheads.


5. Super Long Braids

Most girls want long hair but only a few dare to take their hair all the way down to their knees. We loved the length of this look and also the unexpected practicality. With only about three braids on each side, this style might not be as hard to manage as one would imagine. It may make for the perfect summertime statement.


6. Color Strips

The DKNY show made news by mixing in real New Yorkers, like the braided lovely above, with their models. This mix made for an engaging show but also resulted in a lot more color on their runway–both skin and hair color. We took note of what we’re guessing are bone straight multi-colored clip-ins.


7. Grey Tips

We also spotted some icey ends on the DKNY runway, perfectly in line of the ever-growing grey trend.


8. Headbands and Pastels

Our absolute favorite look was spotted in the Marc Jacob show. Let’s count the many things we love about this ‘do: (1) We’re loving the head to toe pastel mauvey hue; it’s not a color we normally see used this heavy-handedly. (2) The length of cut: it’s gives long but short, coming close but not touching the shoulders, like a bungee jumper never hitting the ground. (3) The head band! We’re products of the 90s and a headband worn with pulled back hair just takes us back.

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