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Who knows what exactly is so compelling about rock stars. Maybe it’s their overall I-don’t-give-a-f** attitude, and the freedom that lies in disregarding rules that makes them so appealing. Us “normal” folks may never be rockstars but we certainly can channel that carefree feeling, at least with our hair. Leave it to the ├╝ber talented fashion designer (one of the few Black designers at the “tents”) Tracey Reese to show us how it’s done.

At her latest presentation at New York Fashion Week earlier this month, Reese let her models’ hair fly everywhere adding to the overall laid back look of her line. The clothes felt quintessentially Fall with sweaters, full to maxi length dresses and skirts, and comfortable-looking coat. All this was sparked up a little with a few big splashes of shimmer–a gold cocktail dress here, a pair of gold boots there, a little glitter below the eye. We love that she paired messy hair with such wearable ensembles; it adds just the right amount of spunk without going too far. Here are the looks we loved.

big hair don’t care


A ‘fro is innately a look-at-me hairstyle and this lightly kinky one is no exception. It’s been picked out in all it’s glory and parted at the side for a little asymmetry.

You may already know that braids and twists outs are the best way to maximize the size of your afro because they stretch out your hair. Some people also get a little more size by blowing out their hair lightly.

winter waves


For our ladies with length or weaves, why wait till summer to rock an ultra cool beach wave. We’re loving winter waves paired with sweaters and double-breasted jackets. Try this look by putting two to four big braids in your hair over night. Undo the braids in the morning then tussle your hair a little to give it a drop of attitude ;).

a ruffled halo


We love that this look was worn with a casual Fall frock and a night on the town gown. If you’re rocking short hair and you’re not avoiding heat, a crimper might be the best way to get these loose waves.

a semi-straightened twa?


This one might be a bit tricky but you can get close to this look by doing as reigning Hollywood starlet Lupita Nyong’o did at the 2014 Golden Globes, where she blew out her short tresses. Natural hair site A Tribe Called Curl has a tutorial for Lupita’s look.

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