Should moms perm their daughters’ hair?

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This is a touchy one but, many women with relaxed hair, had the decision to relax their hair made for them early on by their mothers. Given the potential impact of that choice, should moms relax their daughters’ hair?

About Black Hair Is..

Black Hair Is… is a debate, led by six women with relaxed hair and six women with natural hair that explores ideas of what Black Hair should be and what it actually is, by looking at the divides that exist in our community.

We’re having this conversation now because although we’re in a moment when we’re embracing the possibilities of our hair and praising its versatility, certain hairstyles and hair choices are still being penalized.

Our goal for the series is to contribute to creating an environment that allows our differences and choices to stand on even ground.

We are super happy to have partnered with Smooth ‘N Shine to bring this to life.

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