Silk-Lined Winter Hats to the Rescue

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Silk-lined winter hats have become all the rage, due in part to the increasing number of women and girls alike, opting to wear their natural, textured hair. With this wave of acceptance came an overhaul of hair care tools, methods, and techniques–one being the silk-lined hat, the answer to many who wonder how to brave the cold weather elements during the four/five months of winter (not to mention polar vortex and winter cyclones are now real experiences for the average city dweller).  A Godsend to some, if you will; and why is that? These hats offer a sleek head covering that eliminates the excessive hair tugging and splitting experienced with typical winter fabrics such as wool and fleece. Silk furthermore stimulates hydration, providing shinier hair while reducing sebum production which in turn decreases the chance of greasy, weighed down hair. Again, Godsend. Now we can take our silk lined pillowcases and bonnets with us everywhere… albeit in the form of a hat lining! Check out some of our favorite styles below for this winter!

The Colorful Wide Brim

Escape the winter blues with Paul Smith’s pink lined wool blend fedora. It’s perfect for the downtown girl looking for warmth and a wintry pop of color.  Adorned with a subtle satin finish grosgrain headband and an interior floral silk lining, the contemporary chapeau boasts great style and guaranteed protection.

The Velvet Wrap

Get lost in six feet of black crushed velvet courtesy of fashion utility brand, Ruby Sampson. Exclusively designed for textured hair types, this timeless head wrap is expertly lined with luxurious Chinese silk to avoid unwanted hair breakage and split ends. 

The Knitted Beanie

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or making a quick run to the market, the traditional beanie is always a hit. This design by Natural Born Hats features adjustable sizing with 18-24 inches in circumference available.  Perfect for fitting the thickest of textures.

The Slouched Newsboy Cap

Lined with Charmeuse silk, Caheez’s newsboy cap combines style and practical functionality for every hair type.  The look comes complete with a Peruvian wool shell and lid with customized sizing options!

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>The Faux Fur Cossack Hat

Fight winter’s harsh elements with the ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Cossack hat. Originated in Russia, the Cossack boasts a quilted silk-lining, faux fur finish, and cotton fleece earlaps! Hat sizes range from small to XXL.



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