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It’s nice to get your hair all the way out of the way with a sleek or messy pony tail or bun. It leaves room to experiment with your face! We’ve picked out six face-forward make up looks for you to pair with your hair!

1. Nude and innocent with a touch of glitter.


Nude lips can be oh so chic and understated. It’s one of the easiest ways to look effortless. But sometimes finding just the right color can be tricky. Luckily, K is for Kinky has rounded up 26 nude lip colors for women of color.

2. A heavy brow and soft rosy cheeks.


Un’ruly tip: Get a thicker brow by brushing some dark eyeshadow through your brows. Use an angled brush and only add a bit of color at a time until you have the definition you want.

3. Nude lips and dark eyes.


Use your simple hairstyle and your barely there lips as an excuse to go heavy on the eyeliner and shadow to create a great night-time look.

4. A classic cat eye.


Cat eyes are ├╝ber feminine and with your hair slicked back, they stand out even more. Vlogger Shana Moore has an awesome trick for achieving the perfect cat eye.

5. A double-winged cat eye.


Why stick with just one wing when you can have two. Check out chescalocs‘ double-winged cat eye tutorial below.

6. A double winged cat eye and a bold red lip!


Of course a bold red lip is an easy way to take your pony tail or bun to the next level. But why not wing your eyes with those rouge lips. We spotted this particular look at the Zac Posen Fall 2014 show. Notice the wings start above the lid and there’s actually no liner at all on the lids!

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