stand-out style: three funky ‘fros

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– by Un’ruly Contributor Ellen Haile

Like Lupital N’yongo said, “our hair is like clay.” It can be molded into any shape we choose. So why not have a little fun. Check out these three funky ‘fro-d looks.


A sharp, clean-cut Nefertiti afro screams bold. This style would rock at a punk concert or chic art exhibit.

Un’ruly tip: Wing out your eyeliner for a more Egyptian goddess look.


Afro puffs are playground classic that can easily translate to adulthood for a sweet yet look-at-me look. Go big or wear as many puffs as you like. The best part of this style is it’s length-agnostic, meaning anyone can rock it at any length.

Un’ruly tip: Use a gel to help sleek back any flyaway strands.


A futuristic and brave look, this symmetrical Afro would look great at a music festival or fashion show. Wear this style with bold colors to emphasize the statement.

Un’ruly tip: Wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night to keep hair from slanting or creasing and becoming lop-sided.

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