Why straight back cornrows should be your new go-to style

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Also known as straight back braids or all back cornrows, the simple, classic, and almost nostalgic straight back cornrow style has been a hit for decades.  This go-to protective style can be done multiple ways but the basic premise is pretty simple; three or more braids going straight back to the base of the neck and then down the back. There are so many ways to wear straight back cornrows and this guide will give you a little inspiration for your next style.

No matter how you wear them, straight back cornrows are the perfect way to do your hair quickly. As always, any protective style should follow a few simple rules. Whether you’re getting them done by a hair stylist, or doing them on yourself, make sure the cornrows are not too tight, take care of your edges, and only keep them in for a few weeks before a refresh. You can also check out the new rules for protective styles here.

Small, waist-length straight back cornrows

Bring the drama and elegance with small to mini straight back cornrows that go down your back. This style can be rocked in a low bun as well for something even more classy. This style looks great when you add a lighter color to the ends – honey blonde or cinnamon adds an understated sophistication to the look.

Better yet, go for a stitch style like this to really change up the look.

Bejeweled and beaded straight back cornrows

A crown should always be adorned in jewels! Add some gold, silver, or even wooden beads to your straight back cornrows to give a more ethereal look. This is the perfect statement style for a beach vacation or festival.

Curly ends

Because straight back cornrows are one of the most classic protective styles, you can really afford to get creative with them. Curly ends add a little bit of playfulness to the look, especially if you aren’t a fan of blunt or straight ends. 

Big and bold

Larger cornrows will require more hair and may not last as long, but they are a statement while installed. Add color and you’ve got a true statement style.

Want some even more inspiration? Here are a few straight back styles we found while searching the internet. From alternating cornrow sizes to adding color to the scalp in between the braids, there are so many ways you can make the classic cornrow style your own – let your imagination run wild!

Regardless of which style you choose, you won’t regret rocking straight back cornrows, no matter what season we’re in. Installing them on yourself? Be sure to check our guide for how much hair to buy.

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